Saturday, April 02, 2016

Early March

Here are some randoms from the beginning of March. . .

Bella made a hair bow out of tissue paper.

She's a silly one.

Bella and I participated in a fun run put on by one of the high school girls in our church to raise money for a couple of causes that are important to her. Bella ran. I walked.

The kindergarten classes had a "drive-in". All of the kids brought in cars made from boxes. They all looked AMAZING! Curtis wanted a yellow race car. The shape of box we had didn't lend itself to a race car very well, so he got a yellow coup.


When we were leaving school on the very day that we brought in his car, we saw this parked in the lot. I had never seen that car before and we all cheered that it was Curtis's car.

Playing at the park after school on a spring-y day.

Both Graydon and Curtis's teachers use an app called 'Seesaw' that keeps parents informed on what they do doing the day through notes and pictures. I love it! Here are a couple that I got from Graydon's teacher one day.


Next up . . . photos from Spring Break!

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Jodi said...

I've been wanting to do a drive in with box cars!! One day...