Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Last Day of School

We finally made it to the last day of school! Such a happy day! I love the feeling of knowing that the whole summer is ahead.

The morning started with Curtis's Kindergarten Graduation!


He got an extra award for excellent attendance. He only missed half a day all year!





Photo of a photo. Class of 2028. I'm so glad that this is still 12 years away!

After the graduation ceremony and a light snack, Curtis was free to go home for the day. He took off with Andy while I accompanied the first graders to the park for the rest of the day. The afternoon was filled with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, games, story time at the library, ice cream, and of course face painting.

When the school day ended, we headed right off to Bella's gymnastics class and then to a baseball game later on. Finally, we ended the day with a movie. (Curtis and Andy showed up at the park earlier in the day and Curtis was able to participate in some of the activities, which is why his face was painted.) Normally, I try to do some fun last day of school photos. This year, the afternoon/evening was just too full. This is pre-movie - already getting kind of tired.

It's finally summer!

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