Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wyoming: Part 6

This was whitewater rafting day!

We didn't take our cameras because they would have gotten soaked and ruined. We bought one photo from the professional photographers, but even that was $30 and it was printed, not digital. So each of these photos has the watermark on them because we didn't want to spend a fortune on them.

We rafted on the Snake River. This river turns and curves for over a thousand miles! Our guides know their portion of the river extremely well. Each rapid has a name and they know the best way to maneuver the raft through each one. This particular rapid where we were photographed was called "Lunch Counter" because "it is where you get served!"

At the beginning of the journey, they go over what to do if you fall out of the raft or if the raft tips over. I remember thinking to myself, "was it a good idea to bring our children on this?"

The very first wave we hit scared me a little bit. It was bigger than I expected and felt so much like our raft might tip over. My instinct was to let go of my oar and grab on to the kids and the raft to make sure that we didn't fall out. In doing so, my oar banged me in the face and I ended up with a gouge inside my lip. I learned after that that I have to keep paddling during a wave and to not let go of the oar!

The kids all started toward the back of the raft, but Bella and Curtis wanted more of a thrill. Bella ended up in the very front, with Curtis right behind. Graydon is next to Andy. He's difficult to see in most of these pics.



Though we all ended up pretty soaked, Bella definitely took the brunt of the waves!

We didn't know that the photos were being taken until after the fact, so any smiles you see are totally genuine! We all had a lot of fun and, just as we were getting used to it, it seemed to be over. Super fast hour!

You can see Graydon a little in this one.


After rafting, we grabbed some lunch and went back to the hotel to rest. We were still a little wiped out from Yellowstone the day before. We spent the rest of that evening in downtown Jackson.

A stuffed buffalo, just like one that Tom purchased as a kid.




Every evening at 6pm in downtown Jackson, there is a shootout on the northeast end of the square. (Except for Sundays cause "there's no shoot'in on Sundays!") The shootout is put on by a local theater company and it's been going on for decades! Welcome to the wild, wild west!



We got some photos with the actors afterwards.



More shopping after. Curtis developed an interest in rock climbing during the trip. He bought a little bit of gear.

Random blow-up buffalo in an art gallery.

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