Friday, July 28, 2017

Wyoming: Part 8

We packed up our room on Saturday morning and were on the road around 10:30am.

A fun truck we saw on our travels.

We decided to head a little further south and drive through Colorado on our way home. That evening, we stopped in Denver and ate dinner at the oldest restaurant in the city: Buckhorn Exchange. It opened in 1893!



We played with Graydon's crazy hair while waiting for our food.

They had all sorts of stuff on the menu like rattlesnake, buffalo, cornish game hen, and lamb. Bella tried baby back ribs. Andy had elk and quail. I at the pot roast. The boys had basic burgers and chicken tenders. This was the upstairs portion of the restaurant - where we ate.

When I envision restaurants/saloons from the old west, I always picture swinging wooden doors like these.

We definitely had some leftovers.


There were stuffed animal heads on just about every inch of wall space. It was definitely quite a sight!

Our hotel room that night was a suite. Curtis shared the king bed with me and Andy. This is what it is like sharing a sleeping space with him.

The next day, we drove through the rest of Colorado, Kansas, and most of Missouri. We pushed it that day and arrived at our hotel pretty late. With only a few minutes to spare until the pool closed, the kids jumped in with their clothes on!

The next morning, we visited the St. Louis Arch!

It seemed fitting to conclude our vacation to the west at the gateway to the west.


The main architect for the arch, Eero Saarinen, was also the architect of some buildings in Columbus, Indiana!

Inside of the old cathedral near the arch.


Crossing the bridge to Illinois. Just a few more hours and we'd be back home in Indiana!

We packed a lot in to this vacation and drove across nine states! (Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.) We saw several national monuments and landmarks and enjoyed the beauty (and danger) of nature. It was a great adventure!

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