Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stuck inside

After a couple days of beautiful spring weather, winter decided to visit once again. We got about six inches of snow on Friday so we didn't have much outdoor play this weekend. Yesterday, the three of us did a little shopping and had a late lunch at Fuddrucker's. The roads were a little better by that point and it was nice to get out. Today, Isabella discovered her hat drawer. Inside that hat drawer was also this bow headband that came with one of her newborn outfits. It finally fits her now - over a year later! She thought that it'd be fun to empty out the drawer. . . I thought that it 'd be fun to pile the hats on her head. This was only a few. . . I forgot how many hats this kid truly has!My sister, Mary, bought Bella a Baby Einstein DVD about first words. She really likes it!Bella's learning how to feed herself with a spoon. Usually, we'll have to put the food on the spoon and then she'll bring it to her mouth. This time, she did it all by herself! Granted, it was yogurt which sticks to the spoon pretty easily, but this is still a pretty big accomplishment!!!Of course, it is still quicker and easier to use your hands!Your Hand in Mine

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