Sunday, March 25, 2007

We miss daddy!

Andy's been gone since Friday afternoon and he comes home tomorrow! Isabella and I are very excited to see him. These past couple of days just seemed to drag along. We had some good mother/daughter bonding time, but our family just isn't complete without daddy.

We spent a lot of our weekend in the great outdoors. Isabella just loves to be outside. When she wants to go out, she points to the closet where we keep her shoes and coat. After I open it, she grabs her shoes, brings them to me, and sits in my lap; waiting for me to put her shoes on. I think I get the picture. Of course, there were a few moments that she wanted to go outside and it wasn't a good time. . . like it's almost time to eat or it's getting dark. I would say to her, "Isabella, we can't play outside right now." Her response to that is to start crying and drop to the floor. Yes. . . tantrums. We are definitely in that phase. The past couple of days, whenever she didn't get what she wanted, crying and falling to the ground would commence. I'm thankful that she gets over these pretty quick and I'm mostly able to keep my sense of humor about everything; but it does get old after a while. I know that we just have to stick to our guns, not give in, and eventually she will learn that this behavior doesn't get her anywhere.

Here are some photos from our outdoor adventures. . .

This way Mom!!! Follow me!I am so happy to be outside!!!Spring is finally here! The earth is coming back to life!!!
The joys of splashing through the puddles.We often go to the library down the street since there's a nice little area with benches and trees. Isabella was pretty intrigued by the boys who were skateboarding. At one point, it sounded like she kept trying to get their attention by yelling "hey, hey!" I laughed.Bella has picked up a couple more signs, 'hat' and 'wash hands'. She has also totally nailed 'drink' now. I always feel so proud whenever she does her signs. . . my smart girl!!! I really really tried to work with her this weekend on signing 'more' and she just won't do it. She points and does her 'please' sign, so I guess that's just her preferred way of asking for more. She has also learned where her belly button is. If I ask, "Where's Bella's belly button?" she will lift up her shirt and point to it. Again, I am a proud mama!

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Elizabeth said...

She is growing up so fast!!! It is amazing how quick our kids learn and pick up new stuff. I'd be a proud mama too!!!