Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watching and rolling. . .

Bella watches a movie on her DVD player.

Graydon tries to play with the buttons.
Bella guards her DVD player from Graydon's destructive fingers.Bella finds a new spot that Graydon can't get to.Graydon is sad that he can no longer play with the fun toy.
The end.

(Don't feel too bad for him. He probably found something new to play with about 30 seconds later.)

Today we went bowling (or "rolling" as Bella kept calling it).

Andy took our church's youth group after church today. Bella couldn't go with but we promised her that we'd go as a family some time soon.

Soon became today when Andy realized that he'd left his credit card there and had to go back.

Daddy gives Bella a few pointers early on.
Jumping up and down with excitement as she watches the ball roll down the lane. "I knocked down some pins!!!" Even if it was just one, the elation was always the same. She was beaming the whole time. It is always such a joy to see my kids having fun.

And the final score. . . 64!!!

Notice the speed of her roll: 2.54 mph!!! There were definitely a few times when I questioned the ball's ability to fully make it down the lane.

But it always did.


The Josephs Family said...

64? That's AWESOME! There are some games that I don't even get that high!

Grandma Debbie said...

Bella's score is far better than mine. Last time I bowled, I scored a 36 or something like that. It was fun to hear her excitement when she called yesterday.