Friday, March 26, 2010

Snapshots. . .

. . . from a 30th birthday.Opening a present from Bella over a McDonalds breakfast. . . . . . a drawing of our family. (She also painted the frame and wrapped the gift in construction paper). This little girl was super eager to give Daddy her present.A few decorationsDo the photos look familiar? :)
Bella was pretty adament that her portrait of Mickey Mouse be added to the banner. How could I argue with that?
Here's a a bit of Andy. . . being Andy.
He couldn't have done it without her.
The two greatest presents.
Before opening up his big present, Andy had to locate the Birthday Bear. He was hiding in a plant. I thought I'd be nice and help Andy out. . . "He's somewhere in the living room." After searching for a long and hard 30 seconds, Andy found the bear.

No help next year.
Bella decorated the wrapping. Rainbows are very popular with her right now.We also got him a birthday plant. Since bamboo is pretty much the easiest plant to take care of (we have another in the house that is thriving - and I can't remember that last time it was watered. . . maybe a month?), I thought this would be the perfect plant to grow with Andy. I wonder how big it will be on his 40th birthday?I'd say that in the two full days that Andy's lived as a thirty-year-old, that the age really agrees with him.Welcome to your thirties Andy!

I'll be joining you soon.

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Debbie said...

May your bamboo plant grow. Mine has died. Looks like your birthday was a huge success and a lot of fun.