Tuesday, May 18, 2010

33 weeks

Less than six weeks from our c-section date. I don't think reality has really sunk in that this baby is coming so soon. Preparations have officially begun, however. I cleaned out some drawers and the closet in Graydon's room (he and baby will be sharing for a while) and another crib has been added (we're not ready to put Graydon in a big boy bed). With this being our third time around, there isn't really much to do. . . which is nice.

I am starting to feel very pregnant. . . and clumsy. I am dropping things, bumping into things,
forgetting things, etc. Physically, my lower back is feeling the pressure and I'm tired a lot. But, I really don't want to complain too much. This pregnancy, like my others, has been great and I think I'm feeling as good as can be expected. Pumpkin is moving around all the time and all over the place and I treasure every little moment. It is absolutely my favorite part of pregnancy and I'm going to miss it.

I added a little poll. What do you think. . . boy or girl? Here's all the info I can give you:

- heartrate has been in the 140s & 150s
- baby is just as active as Graydon was
- I've had two baby dreams, both times the baby was a girl

If I was forced to guess, I think my lean is towards a girl. Keep in mind, though, that I've been wrong with both Bella and Graydon. I thought that Bella was a boy and up until the last month of my pregnancy with Graydon, I thought that he was a girl. I know some moms get that strong intuition, but I don't seem to be one of them.

Go ahead and vote! I'm curious to see what the different guesses are.


The Josephs Family said...

Did you have dreams about Bella and Graydon before you had them? I'm going to go GIRL! :) Good luck with everything!

Lori Benetti said...

I'm thinking boy.. but then again I'm just saying that because we need more boys in this side of the familiy

Mom Debbie said...

You are looking good. Wish I could have been that thin with my 3rd baby. I'm going girl for Bella. Would be nice to know so I can start shopping for baby.

Mary said...

i want a girl, just b/c i like the name better. Not a big fan of Curtis as a first name.