Monday, June 07, 2010

36 Weeks

Three weeks from today. . .
. . . our little one should be here!!!

The waiting will be over!

I know that our lives are about to take a big change and that there is a lot of exhaustion in my near future, but (in the words of Bella) I am just so excited! I cannot wait to meet this little one and get an answer to the ultimate question. . . BOY or GIRL!!! We'll find out soon!

Andy played photographer this weekend and captured some nice belly shots. I'm the usual photo-taker in our family so I feel a little weird having so many photos of myself in one post. . . but I think that Andy did a great job and wanted to share.

The indoor photos were taken in our bedroom. And then we headed outside for a few more.I have become quite the heat box lately. I am literally always hot. Now I understand why so many women have told me how lucky I am to have the baby at the beginning of summer. The air conditioner will be blasting cool air, Andy will grab a fleece blanket to warm up in, and I am just sitting there.

Fanning myself.

I usually have to grab a sweater when grocery shopping because the air (especially in the frozen/refrigerator sectin) is so cold. Lately, I have found those spots to be very comfortable. . .

. . . while walking through them in a tank top.

Today it actually feels like spring (not summer). The first day in quite a while.

I am so grateful.


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!!

Mom Debbie said...

Andy did a very nice job on his photography. The pictures are really beautiful (another Bella ism_