Sunday, June 20, 2010

The carnival came to town. . .

Over the course of Bella's life, we have learned a good lesson:

Do not inform her of fun upcoming plans until it's actually time to go (or you will be asked every five minutes for the next several hours if it's time to go yet).

So on this Wednesday evening, it was very fun to answer Bella's daily question of "what are we doing tonight?" with "we are going to the carnival!" The only potential glitch was the cloudy skies and forecast of possible rain. While Bella was changing in her room, Andy overheard a little prayer escape from her mouth:

"God, please let it not rain tonight. But if it does. . . I forgive you." We wasted no time upon arrival. First stop: Ferris Wheel. I have to admit, I got a little emotional when I saw Bella up so high in the air. I have no idea why.

I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

Graydon, too, was pretty captivated by how high they went.Next ride: Carousel

We ran into some friends, so Bella had a ride buddy for the rest of the evening. The Dragon: Bella's first roller coaster!
Graydon looked on. I started to feel a little bad for Graydon, stuck in the stroller. Too little for most rides. One ride that he could do was the carousel.

So we headed back. It started out great, but our little guy got a bit nervous as the ride progressed and slowly began to grip onto Andy pretty tightly.

He had his fill of rides after at.

And was completely content to sit in the stroller for the rest of the evening.Old-fashioned cars. The huge slide called out to Bella all night. We kept putting that one off and yet she persisted. This one made me the most nervous. She just made the 42 inch height requirement. If she had worn different shoes, she may not have. The slide was so big and she looked so little as she climbed all those metal stairs with the potato sack draped over her shoulder. I had visions of her falling down the stairs or flipping forward while sliding down the long track.

Bella, on the other hand, felt nothing but adrenaline and exhiliration. Our little thrill-seeker at the bottom of the slide. . . ready to go again.Before our night ended, both kids got their first taste of cotton candy.And Bella got the answer she wanted to her prayer: no rain!


Kreuser Family said...

Her prayer tugged on my heart strings!

Mary said...

omg...that is the cutest thing!!!

Jay Edgar said...

Karen, this post was the most 'gripping short story' like of any I've read of yours--really fun!

We're thinking of all of you over the next week+.

Grandma Debbie said...

Love the carnival story. Good for Bella and that God heard her prayer. Loved the picture of her after the slide. She is growing into a beautiful little girl and Graydon!!!!! Really looking forward to seeing them soon.