Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Photo from Bella's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool)

Curtis waits patiently in the pack n' play while the meal is prepared. 

Graydon decides what to eat.  He rejected the meat and potatoes, but had multiple helpings of fruit.

The bird that gave its life for us so that we could have a Thanksgiving feast. 

We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home, just the five of us.  We enjoyed our meal of chicken (because a turkey is just too much meat for our little family), stuffing, potatoes, carrot casserole, rolls, and fruit salad.  The fruit salad was Bella's idea.  She found the recipe on  She helped me pick out the ingredients and make the salad.  But when it came down to actually eating, she opted out.  Graydon more than ate her share though.  He loved it.  I did too!

Our festivities also included a game of Charades and Operation and a movie at the end of the night.  A perfect family day at home.

And tonight:  The Christmas decorating begins!!!   

I love this time of the year!

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