Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photos from Bella's Party!

The theme:  RAINBOWS!  I was inspired by Bella's artwork.  Give her some paper and crayons/markers/paint and you'll get a beautiful rainbow picture.  I saved some of her rainbow artwork from the past couple of months and displayed that at the party. 

About twenty of Bella's friends (plus some younger siblings) filled our church basement to celebrate Bella's fifth birthday (a couple of weeks early).  It was loud and crazy, but so much fun!  We had rainbow bingo, pin the cloud on the rainbow, and topped it all off with a pinata - something Bella has wanted at a party since she saw it on Dora. 

Bella loved her party and the icing on our cake was when she whispered to Andy just before blowing out her birthday candles, "I love you and Mommy." 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! 

There's still more celebrating to come when the actual birthday arrives in two weeks!

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mary said...

aww that is soo sweet. she's such a precious little girl.