Monday, March 19, 2012

In the kitchen. . .

Sometimes I have no idea what to title these posts. They usually consist of the random photos that make up our week - but it seems pretty boring to just title them, Week of _______. So I look for some type of theme in the photos or what I have the most photos of. This week, I seem to have taken a lot of photos of our kitchen activities. So there you have it.

Earlier in the week, the boys and I made some chocolate chip and walnut cookies and decided to take some over to Andy's office. That's one of the benefits of him working so close to home.

We have a Rita's Water Ice just down the street. It's pretty much Bella's favorite place to be during the warmer months (besides a pool or the shore). She wanted to go one afternoon and I didn't have any money, so she offered to treat the boys and herself with her own money.

It cost two weeks of her allowance!

Thursday evening was Bella's first swimming lesson. She was actually supposed to have her first lesson last week, but a little boy in the class before her threw up in the pool. We arrived to find out that she wouldn't be able to swim. Big bummer for her - she was so upset. But a week goes by pretty fast and soon enough she was back at the pool - this time she could go in! Unfortunately, I had to miss this one since I had some birthday dinner plans with some friends. But I will be at every lesson from here on. Here's a little bit of video from that first class.

Friday night has kind of become pizza night around here. I love how you can't really mess pizza up - a perfect meal for little hands to help with.

Saturday morning snuggles.

After the kiddos got out of bed, Bella and I got all dressed up for the Women's Prayer Breakfast at our church.

No boys allowed (except for working in the kitchen), so Curtis had to fend for himself with breakfast.

Later that afternoon, we had a fun little St. Patrick's dessert to make. Graydon stirred the pudding (vanilla with green food coloring added in).

Bella assisted, though her main job was to crush the Oreos.

Curtis was the first to sample our creation.

I had some too. Pretty tasty!

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Mary said...

what a sweet big sister Bella is!! And btw..those st patty's treats look delish! Also it's pizza fridays in my house too. Soo easy to start the weekend.
Hope you guys are doing well...just about 3 months till Benetti vaca!!