Sunday, June 03, 2012

Memorial Day, Donuts, and Pajamas Outside

Memorial day was enjoyed at our home with some friends.  They brought over their bounce house/water slide and the kids went wild. 

Hours of fun!

Later in the week, the boys and I made some donuts.  We used a package of Pillsbury biscuits and then cut the hole out with the lid to our salt shaker.  (Don't worry, the holes did not get wasted - they were fried up too!) 

Each of the boys took turns shaking the donuts in the bag of sugar.

And then we finally got to eat our creations.


Sidenote: Curtis now smiles on command.  He started this on Memorial Day.  This is his posed smile.  He totally shows off his bottom row of teeth and I find it hilarious.  This is completely unlike his natural smile - but still so cute. 

On Thursday afternoon, the kids all wanted to get their pajamas on early -- like at 3:30 pm.  Though they were dressed for bed, I didn't want to miss a beautiful evening outside.  So we went out to play on the porch.  I didn't think they could get that dirty.

But between bubbles in the hair (Graydon eventually lathered Curtis up pretty good), chalk on the feet, mess on the face, and dirt in the fingernails, the kids' next stop was the bath tub.

And a second pair of pajamas for each of them.

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mcbenetti said...

They are getting so big i dont know if im going to recognize them!!