Sunday, September 09, 2012

School, iPods, and potty!

We threw Bella a special dinner on Back-to-School Eve.

I found a free printable.

Andy picked up some flowers that we put in our pencil vase.

The only thing I made here was the banner.  Cakes are not my thing. 

And then we put up the banner that has helped us celebrate many occasions over the years. 

Bella ate off of the "You Are Special' plate.  She chose the meal:  meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Curtis kept saying 'Happy Birthday' to Bella.  He was a little confused.  And when he saw her crown, he wanted to wear one too. 

After dinner, kids were bathed, jammies were put on, stories were read, and lights were out!  It was a school night!

Bella woke up the next morning and was ready for school about an hour early.  Every few minutes, she continued to ask if it was time to go. 

She was very excited about eating lunch at school this year.  She told me that it would be like eating at a restaurant every day!

One finger for FIRST grade!!!

On the way to the bus stop.

Off they go!

This is Bella's teacher this year.  She seems friendly.  We'll get to know her a little better this week at Back-to-School night. 

Time to go to class!

This week, we officially moved Curtis into Graydon's room.  Previously, all of Curtis's things were in Graydon's room; but now his bed is too.  Our guest room is becoming an official guest room again.  And with Curtis in with Graydon, it means that Graydon can no longer have quiet time in his room while Curtis naps.  So Graydon now spends quiet time in our room.  Many times, I would peek in on Graydon during quiet time and find him asleep on the glider in his room.  It seems to have carried over to our room as well.  This boy must find chairs to be pretty comfortable.   

For the past 9 months or so, Bella has been asking for an iPod Touch.  We told her that if she wanted one, she'd have to save up for it herself.  And that is what she determined to do.  She did her chores and was very excited to get her allowance each week and tuck that money away. 

We counted her money last week and she had $50.11.  Andy and I discussed with each other how proud we were of her and how we wanted to reward her for the diligence that she has shown.  So we decided to match what she had saved.  Then we threw in another option for Bella: continue to save up to buy a new iPod Touch (about $200), or look for a used one on Craigslist (about $100).  She opted for Craigslist. . . and then Andy got to searching.  After a few days, he found a really good one and secretly picked it up.

That evening, we created a little iPod store at home.  Up until this point, Bella didn't know that Andy had already gone and gotten the iPod.       

This was her expression when Andy welcomed her to the iPod store and told her that we had one in stock.

The thoughtful consumer checking out her merchandise.

Time to exchange money.

This was, by far, the biggest purchase that Bella has ever made.  I am so proud of her for saving up for something that she wanted; which meant denying herself the little toys in the dollar section of Target or things like that.  She made a goal and stuck to it!  

We downloaded a few apps for her and I put some Vacation Bible School songs on there for her.  She won't have access to the internet, that's something that Andy and I will still monitor with her.  But there are some great educational games that can reinforce what she's learning in school - so I'm happy about that!

And last, but certainly not least at all. . . Curtis is potty training!!!!!  He went potty on the potty chair for the first time this past Tuesday night and has gone about 4 or 5 times since then.  Today, we just had the potty chair out in the living room and had his pants off.  After a while, he came running to me, "I did it!  I did it!"  Sure enough, he did!  We're all very proud and excited!


Lori Benetti said...

yay for Bella and reaching her goal of getting an ipod! She's been talking about this for months, good for her for sticking to it!

Jodi said...

Lol, not just months, years!! I remember her being 3 and pretending her hand was an iPod. Go Bella!!! Such creative ideas in this blog post!

mcbenetti said...

Go she has to teach me how to save my pennies. Im not very good at it!