Sunday, September 02, 2012

Summer days

Take me out to the ballgame!

We did just that this past Tuesday evening.  Our church sold Phillies tickets as a fundraiser for our Vacation Bible School.  

The Phillies were playing pretty good all evening.  At the end of the ninth inning, the game was tied 5-5.  Being that it was already 10:30pm and that Curtis had bypassed the tired phase and went straight to crazy-hyper-silly, it was time for us to pack up. 

It seems we left at the right time.  As we were leaving the ballpark, we overheard that the Mets scored a bunch of runs which brought the score to 9-5.  It's always a bummer when the team you're rooting for loses, but we still enjoyed our night at the ballgame.

Andy bought a new VeggieTales movie for the kids: The Princess and the Pop Star - so we had a movie night.  Bella got everyone situated in their own space with their blanket, pillow pet, and stuffed animal.  

All set!

Hat season is just upon me.  I'm adding lots of new hats to my shop, but before I could, I needed the help of a few little models.

Bella is a pro.  Most of her photos look like this.  She was easy.

Curtis would only wear one, though I did manage to get what I needed from him. 

I caught Graydon on a good day - he was a great sport about wearing all of these hats on a hot August day.  But I did get the most outtakes from this little guy. 

I'll let you all know when the shop is officially updated!

On Saturday, we filled up the little pool in an attempt to cool off on a hot day.  And then an amazing thing happened - the ice cream truck came by!  Since we live on such a busy road, the ice cream truck never stops in front of our house.  We can often hear its music from the neighborhood behind us, but are too far away to locate it with any accuracy.  On this day, however, the music was loud and close.  We quickly grabbed some money, loaded the boys into the wagon, and made our way through the church cemetery to the street behind the church.  But just as we were about to reach the cemetery gate, the driver took off!  Andy and I started shouting, "Stop!"  "Wait!"  But he must not have been able to hear us over his loud music.  Fortunately, he stopped just a block down for some other customers and we managed to catch up.

And the kids all enjoyed the first ice cream truck experience in our whole five years of living here.


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