Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Farm

We've made two visits to the pumpkin farm so far this season and still have one to go!

The first one was with the boys' playgroup.
 photo IMG_2830_zps231e653d.jpg

 photo IMG_2832_zpsd620e6d5.jpg

 photo IMG_2838_zpsb2384659.jpg

Look closely at Curtis's eyes - you can still see leftover blue from his body coloring episode the day before. 
 photo IMG_2841_zps95d7d7d1.jpg

 photo IMG_2844_zps2ffad8ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2854_zpse178482b.jpg

We went back to the same farm three days later with a group from our church. 
 photo IMG_2877_zps12217a73.jpg

 photo IMG_2884_zpse38beca3.jpg

 photo IMG_2885_zps237831a7.jpg

Curtis got a splinter in his finger at this point, so he wasn't interested in any fun pictures. 
 photo IMG_2899_zps9bea8a0c.jpg

So I stepped in. 
 photo IMG_2900_zps1a86fd97.jpg

 photo IMG_2902_zpsbf7e9786.jpg

 photo IMG_2903_zpsc6e8c99a.jpg

Graydon had another scheduled visit to the pumpkin farm with his preschool class.  It was supposed to be today but has been postponed due to rain.  By the time this last visit is complete, we'll have 11 pumpkins on our front porch!  I think we'll be doing some carving pretty soon!

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