Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life: Cell Phone Pics

Our favorite dinner spot when we feel like a little splurge: Bobby's Burger Palace!
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 photo IMG_1494_zps94f4e175.jpg

The books for our ladies' book club arrived!
 photo IMG_1493_zps5c433f85.jpg

A bag of balloons.  Hours of entertainment for my kids who love balloons.  87 cents well spent!
 photo IMG_1492_zps1a4071ce.jpg

Bella trying on costumes at the Disney Store.  Such a magical place. 
 photo IMG_1496_zpsa5ca16bd.jpg

Boys coloring on our Tuesday morning play date. 
 photo IMG_1497_zps2aec9e15.jpg

I went on a field trip with Graydon's preschool class to the Aquarium.  The turtles were his favorite part.
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 photo IMG_1478_zpsb79d66f7.jpg

I think he enjoyed the train ride there just as much!
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Curtis and I made some caramel corn together one Friday morning while Bella and Graydon were at school.
 photo IMG_1501_zps874c27c5.jpg

Selfies with the kids.  This is me making more of an effort to get in front of the camera with my kiddos.
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 photo IMG_1476_zps351a3cb9.jpg

 photo IMG_1503_zps3345ba55.jpg

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Andy's interest in archery as resurfaced after many years - and he's getting the kids involved too!
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 photo IMG_1505_zpsdf593cdd.jpg

 photo IMG_1506_zps5c2162f2.jpg

My hydrangeas turn a pretty dark pink every fall. 
 photo IMG_1507_zps528eb991.jpg

Morning reading time. 
 photo IMG_1508_zps7558748c.jpg

The boys' new hats for the season. 
 photo IMG_1487_zps6a9b8136.jpg

Somebody got a hold of my cell phone. 
 photo IMG_1525_zpsbd4af2e4.jpg

And somebody else got hold of a blue marker. 
 photo IMG_1523_zps1fbd4f3d.jpg

"I didn't have any paper." 
 photo IMG_1518_zps92ff4c26.jpg

"I was just trying to be a super hero." 
 photo IMG_1524_zps4639d51f.jpg

Love this crazy life!

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mary said...

graydon is just too cute for words!!