Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bella's 8th Birthday!

Good morning, birthday girl!  Time to open up your first present!

Matching outfits!

We didn't throw Bella a big party this year, but with her birthday being on a Saturday, we told Bella to choose a fun activity for our family to do together.  She chose roller skating.




Another gift:  a doll bed!  Before this, Marie Grace was sleeping in a box that Bella padded with little blankets and a pillow.  I meant to get a picture of it, but haven't yet.  Now Marie Grace has a nice bed to sleep in. 

This photo is un-birthday related.  Back in the summer, I filled the right container with the blue stones.  Every time we caught the kids doing something good, they could put a stone in the left container.  Once all the stones were moved, we'd do something fun.  Somebody said they wanted to go to a fun park.  Another said that they wanted to go out for ice cream.  Somehow it all evolved into an ice cream park!  On Bella's birthday, the last stone was moved over.  Now we have to figure out how to get the kids to an 'ice cream park'! 

6:52pm - Bella is officially an eight-year-old!  I love taking photos of her at the exact time she was born.  I'd do it with the boys, but they are always sleeping at the times of their births.  

She wanted brownies instead of cake this year.


We told her to make a wish - and she said a birthday prayer instead.  


We capped the night off with a Tinkerbell movie - Bella's choice.  And before the movie ended, Grandma Debbie arrived!

More on that visit to come. . .

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I must not have checked this in a couple weeks! Geez...
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