Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Graydon!

During our Christmas Eve service, I glanced over at Graydon who was sitting nicely and coloring in his lap.  Then I thought back to Christmas Eve 2008, his due date.  He was quite content in my tummy and remained there for an additional week before the doctors forced him to leave.

And now that baby is FIVE!!!






Two of Graydon's biggest milestones this year were learning to ride a bike and starting preschool.  Then there were smaller moments, but big at the same time like jumping off of the diving board at the swim club and riding his first roller coaster at Sesame Place.

Graydon is kind of a gadget kid - he loves playing games on the tablet and it's always something that I have to limit with him.  He's also a huge fan of Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.  His creative side definitely shines through when he's given a few art supplies.  He'll often draw a picture first and then decide what it is instead of the other way around.  Or he'll create a new thing out of paper, sticks, rubber bands - or whatever he can find.  And he likes to see how things work.  On Christmas Eve, he and Curtis were given battery powered candles to hold up during the candlelight service.  But Graydon never got to use his because he completely disassembled the whole thing before it even got dark!

This summer, we saw a new interest perk when we started our garden.  Everyday, Graydon wanted to check on the garden, water it, and pick any new veggies that had ripened.  And he was always planting things.  One day Andy cut a small branch off of a tree and a few moments later I saw Graydon digging a hole so that he could 'plant a tree' from that branch.

Graydon seems to be doing well in school.  Andy and I have both noticed that he seems a bit shy and uncertain when we drop him off.  He generally doesn't like going in the morning, but always mentions it as his "high" for the day when we talk about "highs and lows' at dinnertime.

He has the greatest smile and a super contagious laugh.  

Simply put, Graydon is a huge source of joy in our lives and we are so happy and thankful to be celebrating another year of his life!


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mcbenetti said...

Hes such a cute kid! Glad we could celebrate his bday with him!!