Sunday, August 30, 2009

Computer Crash

Sorry. No new photos today. It's been a long weekend for me. As the title says, my computer crashed on Saturday. I lost everything. Thankfully, I had photos printed in early June; but that means my July and August photos are gone. Everything is documented on this blog, so that is nice; but there were a few photos from the past couple of weeks that made it off my camera but not onto the blog. Those are gone for good. They included Bella's impromptu tea party and Graydon playing on the floor. My birthday photos are also gone. I'm OK with that and so glad that it's not one of the kids' birthdays.

I'll be back with pictures as soon as I can get my computer up and running again.


Mary said...

that stinks..i'm sorry to hear that!! Are you going to bring your cpu somewhere to try and retrieve them?? Sounds like an external hard drive is in order!?!?!


auntie mary

give bella and graydon aka donnie, hugs and kisses for me.

The Kilps Family said...

We asked about it at Best Buy and they said that they send it to a forensics team in order to find lost/hidden files. It could cost anywhere from $250-$1600. Definitely not in the budget. I'm just going to suck it up. Could have been worse. :)

Kurt and Jenn said...

Hey don't forget that anything you put on facebook you can get back as well. I steel photos from my brother in law all the time from facebook. Sorry about that though. I'm really loving my mac right about now cause a lot of my friends have been having the same problem. Good luck with everything. Talk to you later.