Friday, August 07, 2009

Spoons & Spiders

You wouldn't believe the effort Graydon used when reaching for this spoon. His little body stretched from the bottom of his left toe to the tip of his right index finger. In the process, he managed to scoot a little until he finally reached the prize.

Bella was in the picture-taking mood; but all Graydon was only interested in savoring his victory. There. That's a little better. Bella and I have been frequenting our library for new books and movies. One particular morning, I spotted "Charlotte's Web" amongst all the movies. This brought me back to my own childhood days at the library with my mom. Whenever we made that trip, I always hoped we'd be getting movies - specifically "Charlotte's Web". I could watch it over and over without growing tired. So now here I am at the library with my own daughter and there is that coveted movie that I loved so much. Two versions sat on the shelf -- the old cartoon that I grew up with and the newer version with Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning. Not wanting to influence Bella's decision, I gave her the choice between the two. The little girl in me lept for joy when Bella's hands reached for the old cartoon. A girl after my own heart.

We watched it together. And now Bella has a new love for spiders. We had to do something about Graydon's mealtime misery. He would sit in his chair during dinner, eye up our food, grab for it, and feel so left out when we didn‘t have anything for him. And we'd hear about it. He gobbles up his pureed meals, but that only goes so far - he wants solids. . . and he wants to feed it to himself.

I looked up and down the grocery aisles for zwieback toast but couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I found a package of anisette toast. Somewhere on the package said ’Italian bread’. Perfect! Same hard texture of Zwieback so I decided to get it. When I opened the package at home, I realized that I should have paid more attention to the word ’anisette’ and less to ’Italian’. It reeked of black licorice. The whole pantry now reeks of black licorice. I actually like black licorice - when it’s licorice - but on anything else, not at all. Graydon, however, doesn’t mind. He goes to town on these things. And makes quite a mess. (But the mealtime peace is worth it.) It's been a while since I posted a video. I record the kids as often as I think of it, but our camcorder is an ancient Hi8, so I can't upload those videos. I keep secretly hoping that our Hi8 will break so that we can justify buying a new one. But it's working just fine. Oh well. Someday. This video is taken with our digital camera. It got cut short because I ran out of memory space, but it captures a lot of what Bella and Graydon's relationship is like.

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Kristen said...

Yay, Bella was wearing the dress I got for her... That video was so cute. Miss all of you tons.