Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meade Visit: Days 4 & 5

Day 4: Bumming

Our main goal on this day - hang out and have fun. The kids played a good game of kickball. Which was followed by an impromptu game of chasing Tim around the yard. . .. . . tackling him to the ground. . .
. . . and making a MONKEY PILE!!!
Our big outing was to this cute old-fashioned ice cream parlour.
After all the running around, sweat, dirt, ice cream, (and then some swimming/sprinkler running), we had some dirty kids. Bath time! This will be another prized photo down the road.
Day 5: Baltimore

Tim is a pretty big baseball fan and, besides Andy, none of us had been to Baltimore. So we decided to go. The main attraction was the Orioles game. They lost to the Oakland A's (can't remember what the A stands for now - shows how closely I follow baseball); but we had a good time.
Grandma Chris gave $5 to each of the kids. Bella used her money to buy dippin' dots. She thought they were pretty tasty. Jacob bought some cotton candy with his money.
And was nice enough to share.
After the game, we explored around Baltimore a little bit. It's a nicer city than I expected. All five cousins. We meant to get a better one (where Graydon was actually awake and not in a stroller), but forgot. Another full day that ended with five sleepy kids.

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