Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meade Visit Day 3: The Shore

One and a half hours in the van and we were transported from our city life to a beach vacation. Bella got a little bored on the way so she opted for a game of hide and seek. Where's Bella? You'll never guess. It was a HOT day. Burn-the-bottom-of-your-feet-on-sand-HOT. Tim & Laura's van said that it was 102 degrees - easily the hottest day of the summer. We came with our packed lunches. By the time we picked out our spot, our toes were literally burning. Graydon is screaming. Charlie is feasting on sand. Andy and Tim are going back and forth from our spot to the vans to get all of our gear, and the three older kids are making mad dashes toward the water. Not quite the peaceful lunch by the seashore that we'd envisioned; though once everyone was fed, we were all able to relax and settle in a little more.

Graydon is content. Phew.
Bella is ready for some fun.
The water felt so good on such a hot day.
This was Graydon's first visit to the ocean.
Hmmm. . . not too sure about it.
He seemed to be okay until a big wave came and kind of freaked him out. That was the end of that.
The Meade Family!
As the afternoon wore on, Graydon grew sleepy. I walked down to the water and held him close while the waves crashed up against my legs. His body went limp in my arms in a matter of minutes and he fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean. So peaceful.
Laura and the kids taking it all in.
Footies in the sand: Bella's and mine. After a few hours, we were done. It was just so hot. So we headed back to the home of some friends and spent the rest of the evening there.
The kids were pooped that night. Bedtime made simple.

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Mom Debbie said...

Laura's kids are getting so big! and of course they are cute. Miss all of you and wish we were closer.