Thursday, September 30, 2010

8 years of marriage, 3 months of life

Two days ago, we celebrated our eighth anniversary.  (A sneaky little lady made her way into our photo). Some friends from church came to watch all three kids which allowed us to go out for a nice dinner. We talked, over coffee, about our eight years and all that we've been through together. It's been a great ride and we're looking forward to more of it!

On the same day as our anniversary, this young boy turned three months old!  He giggled at me for the first time today.  I just love being his mommy.  
(Please try to ignore the fact that he just spit up all over himself.)


Kreuser Family said...

WoW!!! Congrats on the 8 fast years!

Also, OMGOODNESS Curtis is one handsome boy!

Mom Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary. Sorry for the delay in wishing you 8 great years. My, how fast time flies.

mary said...

Wow..8 yrs! Congrats to you guys.