Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Wisconsin adventure come and gone. . .

Let's take a look at all the fun stuff we did!

After settling in for a day, my first visit was with my wonderful friend Jenn Flowers! Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the two of us together, but here is one of Curtis and Payton playing together.

Later that evening, we went to 'Concerts on the Square' in Madison.

The kids played a little 'Ring Around the Tree' while we paid for parking.

In case you're wondering why Graydon wasn't playing along. . .

And he remained that way until halfway through the concert!

I don't remember listening to much music, but we did have a nice time just hanging out.

The next morning it was off to the Circus World Museum!

Our first stop was the Big Top for a circus performance.

A few coins into the slot and music filled the room.

It was a bit too loud for Graydon's taste, however.

The next day (we're at Friday now), we threw a little surprise party for Andy's dad's 60th birthday. It was really a surprise for him since the big day isn't until October. But this was when we could all be together.

Grandpa and his grandkids (minus Curtis who was asleep). (And kind of half-minus Graydon since he was having a two-year-old moment).

Saturday came and it was Bass Family Reunion time.

Here's the whole group that showed up that day. It's a big family! And there were still plenty who were missing.

Here are those monkeys again.

Later that evening was pool time!

Our video camera is waterproof. Andy and Tom had some fun with it. I've got a lot of actual videos, but for now here are just a few of the still shots they took.

Bella just started getting comfortable with putting her head all the way under the water. . . and now she thinks doing so is the coolest thing ever!

Sunday came and the Meades left. Bella and I took off in the afternoon and met up in East Troy with my mom, Kristen, and Scott. I have some pictures from our time, but they are in my phone.

On Monday, we ventured out to Monroe to meet up with our friends, the Golacksons! We had a brief visit with Josh almost two years ago when he surprised Andy in our dining room. But we haven't seen Lindsey and the kids since Andy's ordination in July 2007! Back then we just had Bella and they just had Lily & Caedmon.

Here are all the kids today. (Well, last Monday.  But you get the idea).

I should note that all of the kids were recently bathed in these pictures as they had just gotten in from playing outside in the rain.  My kids are all wearing Golackson kids' clothes, which is why Curtis and Graydon are swimming in their outfits.  I think they loved it though.  :o)

Two peas in a pod.  Bella and Lily all snuggled up and ready to watch their Barbie movie.

Graydon and Hadassah.  I really think she was smiling as I took the picture and must have stopped just in time for the camera to miss it. She's still a cutie though.

Curtis already looking up to Vivianna!

And here are all eight kids!  Lily is holding their newest little one, Olivet.  She was 10 days old in this photo.

And Graydon is again being uncooperative for a picture.  Like Josh said, there's always gotta be one.

Until next time, Golacksons!!!!

Monday came, and we played at the park.

Then it was ice cream time!  And to make things even better, we had Culvers for dinner that evening.  What a great way to cap off a Wisconsin trip.

I loved our time away.  But now that we're back, there are just a few weeks left of summer and we've still got a lot of fun to pack in!

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Mary said...

Glad that you got to see some friends this time around. Usually its all family!!