Monday, December 05, 2011

6th Birthday Festivities!

Bella came downstairs to a dining room table filled with presents. 

We let her open up one before getting ready for school.

She brought in birthday treats that day: chocolate covered pretzels!

After school, Auntie Jodi arranged for a surprise lunch at Five Guys!  We showed up and Bella's lunch was waiting for her.  The workers even sang 'Happy Birthday'!  Bella loved it and couldn't believe that they knew her name.  :)

We went from one thing right to another that day.  Next stop:  Sweet & Sassy where an almost six-year-old girl had an appointment to get her ears pierced.

I think she may have gotten a little nervous as the lady explained what they were going to do.

But before she knew it, they were done!

Check out those newly pierced ears!

Then it was time to get her nails done.

Meanwhile, Curtis was finding tons of things to get into. 

He finally settled on a spot next to Bella and
that seemed to work best for all of us. 

Pretty nails!

She loved looking in the mirror that day.

We returned home, opened a few more presents, and before long we were off to another activity:  Photos with Santa!  My Moms Club had a fundraiser for Toys for Tots at our church.  We brought in some toys and the kids sat with Santa.  I don't have a digital file of the photo, but it turned out pretty cute despite Curtis's meltdown as we sat him on Mrs. Claus's lap.  His face is a bit red, but he did manage to settle down before the photo was taken. 

When the photos were done, we were off to dinner.  Bella's choice:  Wendy's.  Not exactly what we were thinking, but it was the birthday girl's choice.

Here she is at exactly 6:52pm.  We were getting out of the van and heading into Target where she picked out a new bike. 

Here it is!

Andy started putting it together as soon as we got home. 

The box provided some entertainment.

But soon Graydon was ready to help Daddy. 
He got his tools out and everything.

And finally, cake time!  Bella wanted to light
the candles herself this year.

We ended the night with some group video chatting with the Kilps family: Gaga and Papa in Wisconsin, the Meades in Minnesota, and Uncle Tom in Texas.  Gotta love modern technology!  Bella stayed up waaaaaay past her bedtime, but had such a fun time.

And the next day, she got to try out that new bike.

Here's the blurry action shot of her riding. 

All in all, a day filled with celebration. Happy Birthday Bella!!!

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mcbenetti said...

Wow what a great bday!! Happy birthday again Bella