Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I love Easter. New life springing up all over town. Remembering the new life we can have because of Jesus. So much to celebrate. So much to be thankful for.

The kids and I did a few activities to get into the Easter spirit. I think these Resurrection Rolls are going to become a new tradition in our house. Such great meaning and symbolism.

Unrolled crescent roll: the cloths that Jesus was wrapped in
Marshmallow: Jesus - white and pure because He was without sin
Melted butter: - embalming oil
Cinnamon and sugar - spices used to prepare Jesus body for burial
Oven - the tomb

I only had the mini marshmallows. Next year I'll use the big ones. We dipped the marshmallows into the butter and then into the cinnamon and sugar. That was then placed onto the unrolled crescent roll. We rolled it all up and stuck it in the oven.

When they had finished baking, we took them out of the oven, cut one in half and discovered that the marshmallow had disappeared. (I didn't take a photo of that)

He is risen!!!

Saturday morning was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our church. There were over 800 eggs scattered throughout the church property.

Each of the kids had quite the collection.

Lots of candy and prizes! We had three happy children.

Later that afternoon, we dyed our eggs!

Curtis enjoyed dyeing eggs so much that he was sad when it was time to take them out.

Don't they look pretty!

Finally, Easter was here!

Bella let me take a couple of photos before church.

The Sunday School class had their program before the church service. We misplaced Bella's lines for her recitation, so she didn't get a chance to memorize them. But for the first time, Bella was actually able to read the lines herself.

The older kids did a reading about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Bella won that part after the original child didn't want to do it. I thought she was SO incredibly ADORABLE in her part. I felt so happy watching her flap those wings as she ran up and down the stage. It's hard to put into words, but it was such a pure, innocent moment that I loved.

I tried to get some photos of the kids after church. Some day Graydon is going to comment on how I have so many more photos of Bella. And this is the reason. He is just not the most cooperative photo subject.

But I did manage to sneak one of him while he was playing in the trees.

Curtis was even trickier. And I could not get him to let go of his fistful of suckers (or the one in his mouth for that matter).

We didn't get a whole family shot this year, but Andy and I each have a photo with all three kids.

Soon it was time to get comfortable and look for Easter baskets.

Graydon found his first - under the computer desk.

Curtis was next - under a side table in the living room.

Bella had to search the hardest. Her basket was in the dryer.

A few little gifts and lots more candy (just what they needed). :P

That Curtis sure does love the suckers!

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mary said...

they are all getting so big. And Curtis is soo you, Karen! wow....