Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Activities

Time for the first car wash of the season.  Daddy has two eager helpers!

And while big sis and bro were busy with the car, Curtis had the garage toys all to himself.

Graydon absolutely loves to bake with me.  We tried a new Veggie Muffin recipe earlier in the week.  It included spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, cottage cheese, various seasonings and then the standard baking ingredients.  The muffins turned out really good as far as texture and consistency.  Unfortunately, the kids weren't a huge fan of the taste.   Probably won't be making these again.  But at least Graydon and I had a good time making them together.  

The weather took a chillier turn by mid-week.  I really have to check the weather every morning if I have any hope of dressing the kids appropriately.  It is constantly changing!

Ever since re-doing the front of our house last summer, we wanted to add some planters to the porch.  Andy went out on a hunt and found exactly what we were looking for.  That evening, the kids helped find rocks for the bottom of the planters. 

Then they filled them with potting soil. 

And finally, our new little Spruce trees went in.

Just what our front porch needed. 

In preparation for Earth Day, I had a little painting project for the kids.  We couldn't use washable paint for this, so we pulled out some of Andy's old t-shirts. 

Three little angels.   :)

I've been saving old coffee cans.

There was one for each of us, including me an Andy. 

Painting was Phase 1 of our project.  Over the weekend, the kids and I went to Lowes to get some flowers to plant in each of the cans.  They are going to be hung on our back fence.  We were going to do that today, but it's chilly and rainy.  Maybe we'll get to it tomorrow.

Saturday morning, Bella had her first T-ball game. 

She did great!

Then later in the day, we surprised the kids with a visit to the carnival.  I love being able to deliver fun surprises!  They had a blast!  (If you'll notice, Bella wears that dress a lot!  It is totally her favorite right now.  Every day, she comes home from school and puts it on.  The head band too.)

All in all, a fun and full week!

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Mary said...

i love your front porch!! great job and i love the coffee can planters. you are one creative lady!