Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time stands still best. . .

in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.  ~ Brian Andreas

I slacked again on getting my camera out this week.  But then I realized that I have lots of photos on my cell phone that have gone completely ignored.  And most likely these will never get printed as the photo quality on my cell phone isn't that great.  The earliest of these photos date back to late July when I first got my phone.

This was Bella's first fort.

I like this nice big pool.  But it sure was a pain to empty out each time.  It should have been designed with a drain in the bottom.

Road trip to Wisconsin

Concert on the Square in Madison.

Relaxing at Gaga and Papa's.

Climbing a tree at the family reunion.

Swinging at Circus World Museum.

Bella and I met up with some of the Benetti folks for a dinner together.

Beautiful evening drive from Monroe to Verona.  So peaceful.  Not too many scenes like this one in New Jersey.  :(

Back home in New Jersey.  Bella is silly.

My free Starbucks drink for my birthday.

Some local damage after Hurricane Irene. 

Back when Curtis was just crawling.  Can you believe how dirty he was!  I'm sure that bath time was very gratifying that night.

Picking Bella up from the bus stop on a rainy day. 

Jamming out in his diaper. 

Our 9th anniversary!

Moms Club Halloween party.

While going through these photos, I noticed that I have a many of the boys sleeping.  They just look so peaceful. 

Taking the Staten Island Ferry on the way to see the Rockettes.

Beautiful fall day.

Bella's birthday lunch at Five Guys!  Thanks again Auntie Jodi & Family!

And one of her gifts.  Thanks Uncle Jeff & Family!

Bella and I attended our town's annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Andy and the boys were supposed to come as well, but if I remember, the boys fell asleep.

This is what happened to my living room one day while I was cleaning the kitchen.  So hard to get ahead some days.   

I believe that this was in a hotel room on our way to Wisconsin after Christmas. 

Birthday boy. 

Enjoying his birthday treat.

Check-ups for the big kids. 

Bella's playdate with two friends from school. 

Sometimes it's just easier to bathe them all at once.

Post-bath warm-up in front of the heater. 

As the kids are getting older, I'm actually able to just sit down at the park and watch.  Such a new and relaxing phase of life we are entering (at least in this area). 

If my camera phone quality was better, this would have been a beautiful picture.  I took it on our walk home from the park.  The sky was so blue and the blossoms so pink.  Oh well.  I'll just have to remember it in my mind. 

While I put Curtis down for a nap today, I came downstairs and found that Graydon had matched up some shapes from a wooden clock to some flash cards.  He is such a smart boy. 

All up to date on cell phone pics now! At least for mine. I'm sure that Andy has way more - and the quality on his camera phone is so much better. That will be for another post. :)


Lori Benetti said...

haha graydon and his shapes!

Mom Debbie said...

loved the post, but you could have omitted my picture. Really, you kids have a knack of taking pictures when I look the worse.

Jonah's Online Sales said...

I'm sure graydon will appreciate the poopy potty picture when he's older. Cute pics of all the kids.