Monday, April 02, 2012

The kids

Sunday morning rolled around and I realized that I didn't take one photo ALL WEEK!  So, I rounded up the kids after church and took a quick photo of each of them so that I would actually have something to put in the blog this week.  And it gives me a good chance to give little updates into their lives right now.

Miss Bella is a busy Bella these days.  T-ball practice on Wednesday evenings, swimming lessons on Thursdays, and Girl Scouts every other Friday.  We normally wouldn't like her to have so many activities at one time, but with the warmer weather coming up (and all of those visits to the pool and shore), we really thought that swimming lessons would be important.  And she's been really looking forward to playing T-ball after watching Daddy play softball for the past two summers.  Fortunately, swimming lessons end at the end of April, T-ball ends at the end of May, and Girl Scouts in mid-June.  We have all summer to be schedule-free!

Bella is becoming an excellent reader.  We read a Bible story together every night.  She reads any sight words that she knows and any of the words that she can sound out.  I'm very impressed with how well she is doing.  She is a very hard worker, a perfectionist at times.  Sometimes this leads to tears and frustration on her part.  We just continue to remind her that it doesn't have to be perfect and that we are happy as long as she tries her best.

Last Friday night, her Girl Scout troop participated in Princess Bingo, an evening of fun put on by an older Girl Scout troop.  I missed the memo about the girls dressing up as princesses for the event if they wanted to.  Bella ended up being one of the few girls not dressed up.  I had horrible mommy guilt about it.  A little girl in Bella's troop said to her, "You were supposed to dress as a princess."  Bella replied, "Only if you want to.  You don't have to."  I pulled her aside to see if she was really OK with not being dressed up.  I can't remember her exact words, but it was something along the lines of her being totally fine.  And she was.  I'm so happy that she was confident enough in herself not to care that she didn't look like everyone else.  Maybe I need to take some lessons from her. 

If you look closely at Graydon's forehead, nose, and chin, you can see a few little scrapes.  We were outside riding bikes in the church parking lot.  I turned my head for a few moments to talk with Andy who was in our yard and Graydon, who was on his bike, went down a hill off the lot that leads to a small field.  I turned my head back when I heard some crying and saw him emerge from the hill all covered in dirt and wood chips.  He managed to cut his lip in the process as well.  I really cannot take my eyes off of this boy.

Bedtime is different though.   Graydon is so wonderful about going to sleep at night.  He willingly gets in his bed and stays there.  He's been in his big-boy bed for a little over two months now and has only gotten out one time, which was in the early days.  Even then, I put him back to bed and that was the end of it.  He loves his sleep.  But he is the first kid to wake up every morning.  It's usually around 7:00 am.  We usually get him something to eat and let him watch Dora (his current favorite show).

Graydon loves to help out in the kitchen.  If he sees me working at the counter, he quickly grabs a chair, pulls it up alongside me, gets up and says to me, "Mommy, I cook too?"  I think he enjoys the process even more than the end result.  We made smoothies this morning and then he didn't want any.  We made brownies this afternoon.  And he didn't want any of those either!  But he is a wonderful fruit and vegetable eater overall.  He will readily grab an apple and snack on it.  Carrots are another top fave.  And he has recently developed a taste for orange peppers (or 'pickled peppers' as he calls them).        
On a totally different note, he has mastered the art of going to the bathroom while standing up!

Curtis is growing up so much.  Literally right before my eyes.  And I think he is in some type of growth spurt right now - he's been sleeping in a ton lately.  The other morning, I had to wake up him at 9:30 am so that we could get to storytime by 10 am.  When I go into his room in the morning, he usually perks right up from the sound of the door opening and the creaking as I walk across the floor.  On one particular morning, none of my noises woke him up.  I looked down at him and he was still completely out - laying on his back, mouth open.  The room was a little dark from the shades and window coverings.  He was just so still that, for about a second, I got a slight feeling of panic that something terrible had happened.  But then I touched his cheek and her stirred awake.  Phew!

We are really enjoying Curtis's expanding vocabulary.  Unfortunately, his favorite word right now is "no".  Everything is "no".  Even "yes" is "no".  It makes for some very confusing times in our house.  And he will often use one sound for multiple words.  "Dahter" can mean "water", "finger" or "together".  "Cracker' and "sucker" are both pronounced "er er".  He definitely knows what he is saying, we're still just learning how to decode.

Curtis has been dealing with a runny nose for the past 3-4 months.  I've never had a child with a runny nose for so long!  I think it started as cold and then moved into teething, then another cold.  Now I think it's from allergies.  No matter what the cause, it has led to some pretty robust boogers.


There's your quick snippet of what the kids are up to.  Next week I should have tons of photos from our upcoming Easter fun.  

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lol...didnt Graydon go down into the cemetary when we were there last year? poor guy!!