Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Curtis!

Dear Curtis,

Today you are two! You are such a fun little guy - so full of playfulness and laughter. Sometimes I look at you and just try to memorize you - just as you are now. My little boy. I picture you covered in stickers that Daddy brought home for you. I see you with ice cream all over your face and clothes. I think of you looking out the window during a thunderstorm and saying "wow" every time it thundered, or flipping your palms up in the air every time you say "I don't know," and how you refer to Graydon as "Nana".

You love your green and white striped blanket (which you refer to as "dacie"). You have to have that one - no other blanket will do. You love to be outside riding your tricycle or playing with balls and frisbees (which you throw better than me). Some of my favorite times are always snuggling before naps and bedtime. You love to read - the current favorites are "Teddy Bear's Picnic" "Go Dogs, Go!" and "The Bedtime Book" and you often ask for "one more." You go to sleep without a fuss 98% of the time, for which I am very thankful.

It's so much fun to watch your relationships with Bella and Graydon. If they do something, you do it too. If they want something, you want it too. If they laugh at something, you laugh at it too. You look up to them and they adore you (yes, Graydon does too - even if you two do fight a lot!) You are all special friends and I pray that each of you will always be close.

You are growing up - each day I see it more and more. Just the other day you climbed to the top of the play equipment at Chick-Fil-A all by yourself! You're starting to count and sing the ABCs. And you're a pretty good jumper and tower builder too! There will always be a part of me that wants to hold on to your "baby-ness" but growing up is a good thing. I love the person that you are and the person that you are becoming. I'm so happy to celebrate this second year of your life and hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by so many who love you.

Happy Birthday Curtis!

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The Josephs Family said...

Happy Birthday, Curtis!

From your friends in WI - especially Nathan! :)