Monday, June 11, 2012

Ties, Tantrums, Toys, & More!

Last Sunday morning, just before church, Graydon saw Daddy all dressed up in his suit and then said to me, "I want to wear my work shirt!"  Usually work shirt means a polo style shirt since that's how Daddy usually dresses during the week.  But on this day, he wanted his dressy button shirts that he usually wears on Easter and Christmas.  I made a compromise with him (since he was already dressed and I was feeling lazy) that he could wear a tie.

That appeased him just fine.  And of course when Curtis saw Graydon with a tie, he wanted one too.  (That red mark on Curtis's head was a mosquito bite.  The morning after he was bitten, it looked like he had gotten in a fight - that red bump was huge.  Even now, 1.5 weeks later, there is still a little trace of a mark left).   

They were quite the adorable pair at church that morning.

Not-so-adorable came during the week when Curtis decided to throw a fit.  This is nothing new here.  I apologize in advance to any family that we will be seeing in a few weeks.  It can get pretty loud - thankfully there is no sound attached to pictures.  He has absolutely entered the "terrible two" phase and pretty much has tantrums over everything.  I can easily lose count in a day.  And he has some staying power.  I can't even remember what this one was over - though it's usually something that he wants and can't have. 

But eventually, he does calm down.  (And is becoming a master at that heartbreaking face).  

And realizes that life really isn't all that bad after all. 

Andy surprised me with a Kindle Fire a few weeks ago.  I recently found some fun interactive books for kids that we have all been enjoying.  Sometimes technology can be pretty cool. 

Last Wednesday, all of the kindergarten classes had their program:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  It was super cute - loved the music!

Bella got to randomly stand next to her best friend - who happened to be Goldilocks!

Sometimes I will find the boys in their room watching the cd player as if it was a TV.  They sit there, content as can be, listening to the music.  The favorite cd right now came with their Lullabible Storybook.  Graydon is starting to memorize a lot of these songs and it's fun to hear him singing along. 

I found this little craft for birds in one of Bella's library books, of all places. 

Cut shapes with a cookie cutter. 

And hang them up for the birds.

Graydon hung these in the same way that he hangs Christmas decorations!

This is Bella's last week of school.  Summer is almost here!!!

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mcbenetti said...

Ties with polos.....maybe a new trend??