Friday, September 06, 2013

Cell Phone Pics!

Bella's first soccer practice of the season. She plays her first game this Saturday morning.

Preschool orientation for Graydon.  I think he's more ready than I am!

One morning all three kids ended up in our bed.  We'll have to get a bigger bed if this becomes a regular occurrence!

We got to Barnes & Noble just in time to miss storytime.  No problem.  I got a coffee for myself and a cookie and rice krispie treat for the kids to split.  They looked through books while I glanced through a magazine.  Fun morning for all of us!

Curtis after he just shoved two cherry tomatoes in his mouth.  They taste so good straight from the garden.  The boys pop them like they are candy. 

We were invited to a picnic at the home of a woman who we had just recently met.  She mentioned that she had a pool, but I didn't feel like bringing all of our suits and getting in the water around a bunch of people we didn't know too well.  Plus, neither of the boys can swim on their own.  It can sometimes be a lot of work for Andy and me.  Besides, we have spent many an afternoon at the pool this summer.  But I seriously underestimated how much our little lady would want to get in that water.  With our permission, she went swimming in her clothes!

Grocery shopping is much easier with two of them contained and one pushing the cart. 

It gets worse before it gets better.  This was some serious back-to-school wardrobe sorting.  Bella tried on every pair of pants and 'yayed' or 'nayed' every article of clothing that she had.  Glad that's done!

Our morning plans were rained out, so we settled in for popcorn, rootbeer floats, and Pocahontas. 

This is a spohr print of a mushroom that Andy found. Mushroom hunting: Andy's new hobby.

Graydon made himself a new hat. He is loving all of this manilla paper.

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he is inventive!