Friday, September 06, 2013

Cell Phone Pics!

Bella's first soccer practice of the season. She plays her first game this Saturday morning.
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Preschool orientation for Graydon.  I think he's more ready than I am!
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One morning all three kids ended up in our bed.  We'll have to get a bigger bed if this becomes a regular occurrence!
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We got to Barnes & Noble just in time to miss storytime.  No problem.  I got a coffee for myself and a cookie and rice krispie treat for the kids to split.  They looked through books while I glanced through a magazine.  Fun morning for all of us!
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Curtis after he just shoved two cherry tomatoes in his mouth.  They taste so good straight from the garden.  The boys pop them like they are candy. 
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We were invited to a picnic at the home of a woman who we had just recently met.  She mentioned that she had a pool, but I didn't feel like bringing all of our suits and getting in the water around a bunch of people we didn't know too well.  Plus, neither of the boys can swim on their own.  It can sometimes be a lot of work for Andy and me.  Besides, we have spent many an afternoon at the pool this summer.  But I seriously underestimated how much our little lady would want to get in that water.  With our permission, she went swimming in her clothes!
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Grocery shopping is much easier with two of them contained and one pushing the cart. 
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It gets worse before it gets better.  This was some serious back-to-school wardrobe sorting.  Bella tried on every pair of pants and 'yayed' or 'nayed' every article of clothing that she had.  Glad that's done!
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Our morning plans were rained out, so we settled in for popcorn, rootbeer floats, and Pocahontas. 
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This is a spohr print of a mushroom that Andy found. Mushroom hunting: Andy's new hobby.
 photo IMG_1335_zpsb8ef68df.jpg

Graydon made himself a new hat. He is loving all of this manilla paper.
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