Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School!

I was feeling so sad that it was already the first day of school.  The previous few weeks had been so busy with packing and cleaning and moving.  Our first few days in Indiana were heavenly because, although there were a ton of boxes to unpack, there was no deadline to doing it.  We unpacked a little, played outside, explored the town, took naps, etc.  I loved the pace of it all.  And then four days later, we had to exchange our easygoing pace for structure and schedules and early mornings.  And, we had just moved here.  Everything was so unfamiliar.  And now I was sending off two of my three kids off to a whole new school for eight hours each day.  Plus, Graydon was just starting kindergarten.  I'd have been emotional about that anyway.  I had a whole mess of emotions going on that morning.

Fortunately, the elementary school counselor is also an active member of our church.  She was in our home the evening before and had settled a lot of my nerves.  I felt much more comforted knowing that she would be there looking out for my little ones. 

So the morning arrived.  I got out my good camera and snapped some photos of my growing children on their first day of school.

Thankfully, both of them were very excited. 


Still can't believe he's in kindergarten. 



Our school bus picks up the kids right at the end of our driveway.  I am loving the convenience of that!


Curtis was still in his jammies because his preschool doesn't start until two weeks later. 

There he is getting on the bus. 

I feel so much better that Bella goes with him. 

Of course I cried all the way back to the house.  But then I just channeled my sad energy into unpacking.  I must admit that I got a lot done that day and before too long, it was time to pick the kids up.

Back at the edge of the yard, waiting for the bus. 

They're here!  First day of school successfully completed.  

With Bella and Graydon gone all day, I've had a lot of quality time with Curtis.  I'm enjoying this time with him.  "Look what I can do Mom!  Take my picture!" 

Of course, I am only fun for so long.  When boredom sets in, naps soon follow. 

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