Monday, August 25, 2014

Curtis's First Day of Preschool!

After watching Bella and Graydon get up and go off to school for the past two weeks, Curtis was definitely ready for his turn.



His preschool is just across the field. 


Yellow cubby! 

Working with Play-Doh when we said goodbye.  No tears!  He's such a big boy. 

I forgot to post Bella and Graydon's "First Day of School" videos, so I'll include them here as well.  Here's how all of the first days went from the kids' perspectives. . .

On a more random note, a hummingbird got stuck in our garage.  He was flapping around so fast that I thought he was just a big bug at first.  He flew around for hours and often perched up on top of the garage door track.  Bella tried to lure him out with a flower taped to the end of a broom.  Finally, he flew to a window and Andy was able to lift up the screen.  Cute little fella.   

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