Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Birthday, Graydon!!

His birthday is here!  Graydon is SEVEN!  Look at how much he has grown.








I was just reading the birthday blog from last year and many things are still the same.  Graydon still loves to tinker with objects (or food!), is still difficult to get going in the morning, still gives awesome hugs, still dislikes getting his nails clipped, and still wants to be a builder when he grows up.  

He is a fantastic reader.  He is quick with learning and remembers most words after hearing them once.  School, in general, is pretty easy for this guy; though he is my biggest complainer about doing homework (and other things).

He has had the opportunity to play soccer, T-ball/softball, and basketball.  I'd say that softball seems to come the most natural to him.  He can often hit the ball without need for the T.  But no matter what, he has a lot of enthusiasm for whatever he is playing.

Since I work at the kids' school and specifically with Graydon's grade, I get a neat opportunity to observe him in the school setting.  I've noticed that, at school, he is much more serious and quiet.  But at home, I get to see his crazy, silly side.  He's a good mixture of a lot of things and I love that about him.

I'm so thankful for this boy. Happy Birthday Graydon Andrew!

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