Friday, June 03, 2011

Her last day of preschool

Andy asked me if I wanted him to pick up Bella from school yesterday.  "No way!"  I said.  This was her last day and I was feeling kind of sentimental about it.

I snapped this photo just as Mrs. Stouff called out Bella K.!  This was the last time that I would pick her up from preschool.  

After the kids get outside, they like to run around and play tag for a little while.  Many of us parents lingered extra long this time.  Our last time.  

Bella was so excited that she got to take her name tag home.  She also got to keep her crayon box and various pictures of herself that were used around the classroom.

Finishing up with preschool is kind of a big deal so she got to eat her dinner off the "You Are Special Today" plate last night.

And the celebration continued after dinner with a special treat:  Rita's water ice!  Bella's favorite.

Tomorrow, she will be an official preschool graduate.

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Grandma Debbie said...

Bella is getting to be such a big girl. Where did the time go? I have something special for her and I am hoping to give it to her personally in July. Pray that my state visitors have come, gone and won't be back until next year